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Welcome to the website
of Mancsi Ltd.
  • Our company was involved in export and import transportation of goods in Europe for 31 years.
  • From the very start, we were affiliated to the Hungarian Road Transport Association and to the Tolna County Industry and Trade Chamber.
  • We accept transportation orders to be executed with our own vehicles or by subcontractors.
  • Our motor vehicles are in full conformity to the EC norms and rules.
  • All vehicles are equipped with wireless phone sets, thus ensuring full control on the positions of the vehicles and state of the goods.
  • Possible damages of the goods are covered by CMR insurance up to USD 100,000.
  • For goods exceeding this value limit supplementary insurance is possible.
  • All these conditions as well as our professional team offer full guarantee to the goods of our customers.


  • This activity of our company has a history of 37 years, as the owner started such work in 1983.
  • Now, as a result of uninterrupted development, service is ensured by most modern trucks and special motor vehicles.
  • A large selection of such vehicles include open and closed ones, dumping trucks, self-loading crane trucks, etc.
  • Goods are completely insured for domestic transports as well.


  • Our new premises - completed in 2004 - include offices, open and closed warehouses, garages, parking lots, etc.
  • This way, secure warehousing of our own or customer-owned goods, as well as their unloading, reloading, dispatch, etc. is offered.
  • Proper professional staff for these tasks is also available.
  • These activities are meant for commodity and security of our customers, cost-saving solutions and competitiveness.


  • We offer for such jobs various special machines, including a universal MF 860 type bagger with rubber-tyred wheels, adapted both for works ordered by private customers, or for large orders.
  • Thus we accept orders for excavations of cellars, trenches, levelling, grading, etc.
  • Our experienced staffs offer you efficient and economical service.
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