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Welcome to the website
of Mancsi Ltd.
Among other goods, we keep on stock various grades of road-metal:
  • Road-metal, size 0/50, dark-grey colour
  • Road-metal, size 0/30, dark-grey colour
  • Road-metal, size 2/5, dark-grey colour

  • Road-metal, size 12/20, dark-grey or light colour
  • Road-metal, size 5/12, light colour
  • Road-metal, size 0/30, light colour
Upon special order, we can procure and deliver any size of road-metal.
We offer fine or medium-sized river gravel, suitable for most applications.
We keep on stock at our premises yellow and grey sand, suitable for walls or plastering.

Ordered quantities will be loaded and transported with our own equipment.
There are no limits on the quantity to be delivered.

Road-metal (dark-grey colour)

2/5 mm (fine sized)

0/50 mm (large sized)

Road-metal (light colour)

5/12 mm (fine sized)

12/20 mm (large sized)

River Gravel and Yellow Sand

River Gravel

Yellow Sand

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