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Below, you'll find information helping you finding solutions to your problems related to transportation, dispatch and logistics.

A reliable family business

Mancsi Ltd is a traditional transport enterprise in Tolna county, Hungary. The owner, Mancsi János, has started 38 years ago, with one sole truck, driven by himself. This business today is largely known, owns a lot of motor vehicles, employs a large team of well qualifies people, involved in domestic and international transportation, logistics and storage activities.

Transports are largely directed toward destinations within the EC states, inclusive transports between two destinations in foreign countries. The company is also involved in storage of various goods or in excavation activities. Tom this purpose, the company owns special trucks and crane-trucks, and offers related materials such as road-metal, gravel, grey or yellow sand.

Independently of the market situation, Mancsi Ltd was continuously involved in company development. Having obtained his small enterprise permit in 1983, Mancsi János, drove his old IFA truck, executing occasional orders. As soon as the strict rules imposed on private enterprise gradually loosened, further vehicles were put in service. In 1989, he started international transports, having acquired his first Rába tractor and in the following year a Mercedes tractor truck. More acquisitions followed in the successive years.

The private business was transformed into a limited responsibility company (Ltd) in 1996. Equipment and staff was continuously improved, and in 2002 already 10 trucks, completely satisfying all EC norms were in service. The construction of the new company headquarters - offices, warehouses, garages, etc. - started in 2003.

Company activities were completed with dispatching and logistic services. Special trucks and excavation machinery was purchased for domestic services.

These developments are backed by the customer-oriented company philosophy, centred upon reliability, precision and complete service. Company services are guaranteed by the availability of a properly qualified team, always receptive for further improvement of professional qualification.


Mancsi Ltd wishes you success and good luck!
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